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Introductory - 101-A

Class Description

This is for you, the absolute beginner. We are experts at showing you that you CAN dance no matter if you think you have two left feet or no rhythm.  Some basics will be done in  Jive, Cha Cha, Rhythm, Salsa/Merengue. Be ready for that wedding, convention, cruise or fun with friends.

Our Introductory 101, gives you the opportunity to attend more than one class a week at the Introductory level if you would like, you register for a particular day, however if you miss a class due to work or illness you may come to the alternate class, or just come for extra practice.  Our sessions give you the flexibility to make up classes you may miss due to shift work, travel or illness, by doing the classes you missed, at a later date. For 101/102 program, you must complete your 6 week sessions within a 6 month time frame.

To register click on the "Class Registration" on the right. You can go to the schedule page to see the week of the program and which dance we are doing on a particular night.

Length of Program: 
6 weeks- You may start on week 1,3 or 4 of the program.