Firstly, may I express my thanks to you and the Edgett dance organization for such a welcoming, friendly and community-felt atmosphere that you offer.  It's a perfect place for one to learn how to dance.  It's a place that offers a non-threatening, patient and safe place to learn.



"Dancing keeps you young.....a challenge for your mind and your body"!

Denyse Sibley
Morning Host
Halifax, N.S.

Life Changing

One of the best decisions I ever made was to register for dance lessons at Edgett Dance Centre. Initially, I was somewhat nervous about attending classes, but the instructors were all so welcoming and positive that participating in each class was truly a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Steps to each dance are taught so carefully and sequentially that the learner is dancing almost immediately.  Learning to dance has changed my life in so many ways.  It has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It has allowed me to experience pure joy ............. moving with a dance partner in time to the music is and continues to be an absolutely glorious experience.  An unexpected bonus has been the improvement in my overall health.  I feel more fit and energized .  My posture has improved as staff have helped me to discover and develop the core muscles which help a dancer to hold the  correct dance frame. I now maintain that posture in my daily life and due to this personal change, a chronic backache has disappeared.  I look forward to each and every dance lesson! As you complete each level, you are able to continue to attend classes below your present level. This gives the learner a chance to review the foundation steps of each dance and to further enjoy dancing throughout the week.  I feel so fortunate that I began dancing at the Edgett Studio.  For me, it has opened a door to a new world.  I feel so lucky to be taught by such qualified and friendly instructors. I have enjoyed meeting people and making new friends and, of course, I have, absolutely loved learning to dance.  

Well Planned

"The sessions are well planned out, I am learning and improving the entire class."

Such a friendly and up-beat studio

“Just want to say how very pleased we’ve been with all the Intro & Intro Plus classes. The quality of teaching of each of the three teachers, Marilyn, Mair & Camilla has been just outstanding. We’ve learned so very much. The dance selections & the fact that we can come back to the Intro class on different nites is a huge plus!! Our progress is much quicker due to being able to attend multiple classes. It really keeps us coming back! We both truly appreciate the professionalism & quality of instruction! Such a friendly and up-beat studio!! Thank-you.”